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Francisca W.W.F. wins at the FL Feathered Horse Classic


Congratulations to Francisca W.W.F. for winning Friesian Mares, Grand Champion Friesian, Friesian Sport In Hand, Friesian Dressage Suitablity In Hand, Ladies Carriage Driving Open, Friesian Liberty, FHC Friesian High Point Champion, IFSHA High Point Champion, FHC High Point Friesian Champion Performance at the Florida Feathered Horse Classic!

Celadus ESF Wins at IALHA Nationals


Congratulations to Celadus ESF and his handler/trainer Sharon Knight for a fantastic showing at Nationals! Celadus won National Champion Spanish Colts 2 and Under, Reserve Grand National Champion Colts 2 and Under and won Best Movement in the class, and placing 3rd in Dressage Breeding In Hand Jr Colts!!!

New England Keuring


We are pleased to announce that our Friesian filly, Rosalind F.T., earned FIRST PREMIE at the New England keuring!! We are so proud to have bred this spectacular filly!!

Baroque Horse Classic In Hamburg, NY


Our horses did an amazing job at the Baroque Horse Classic in Hamburg, NY. Here is the run down of everyone's accomplishments:

Celadus ESF: Winner of A/L Yearling colt, A/L Junior Champion Colt, A/L Reserve Grand Champion Stallion, and A/L Reserve Champion Sports Horse Stallion

Faustina ESF: Winner of A/L Yearling Filly and A/L Reserve Champion Junior Filly

Casadora F.T. : Winner A/L 2 Year... Old Fillies, A/L Champion Junior Filly, A/L Reserve Grand Champion Mare, and A/L Reserve Champion Sports Horse Mare

Jewel: Winner Champion Friesian Fillies 2 and Under, Top 5 in Friesian Sports Horse Mares

Francisca: Winner Champion Friesian Mares 3-4 years Old, Top 5 Friesian Sports Horse Mares, Top 5 USEF English Pleasure Driving, Top 5 USEF English Pleasure Driving Championship, and Friesian Country Driving Pleasure Reserve Championship

Westmoreland's Tristan's Blue Filly: Winner Gypsy Mares, 3rd in Grand Champion Gypsy Horse, 2nd in Gypsy Broken Color, and Winner of Dressage Suitability Gypsy Mares

Asberry: Top 5 Friesian Baroque Mares, Top 5 Champion Show Pleasure Driving Open, Top 5 Friesian Carriage Pleasure Driving Turnout-Open, and Top 5 Friesian Carriage Pleasure Driving Working Single-Open.

Electra: A/L Hunt Seat Reserve Champion

Casadora Wins at the MA ERAHC Show


Casadora FT won the A/L Fillies - 2 Years and Under and Champion Mare at the MA ERAHC show!!

Celadus ESF wins at the MA ERAHC Show


Celadus ESF had a very successful first show! He won A/L Colts- 2 Years and Under, Reserve Champion Stallion, Dressage Breeding Sport, In Hand, Stallions, and placed 2nd in the Best Movement class against 8 mature horses!

Electra and Prada win at the MA ERAHC Show


Electra TNF won Dressage Suitability and Prada R won Iberian Warmblood at the MA ERAHC Show!

Francisca W.W.F. Wins at the NEFHC


Francisca won the Open Pleasure Driving Novice Horse and the Open Pleasure Driving Novice Horse Championship at the NEFHC in Topsfield, MA

Asberry - Undefeated at the NEFHC


Asberry won Open Pleasure Driving, Friesian Carriage Driving S/P, Friesian Show Pleasure Driving, Open Pleasure Driving Championship, Friesian Carriage Driving S/P Championship, and Friesian Show Pleasure Driving Championship at the NEFHC at Topsfield, MA!

Jackson Of Dungarvan Wins at the NEFHC Show


Jackson had a spectacular night at Topsfield, MA for the NEFHC Show! He won Gypsy Horse In Hand, Western Horse In Hand, Open Colts and Fillies, Color Breed Model, Open Colts and Fillies Championship, and Open Halter Reserve Champion!

Jackson of Dungarvan Wins at The Feathered Horse Classic


Jackson of Dungarvan won the Gypsy Stallions 2 Years and Under at the NC Feathered Horse Classic!

Asberry wins in Maine!


Congratulations to Asberry H for winning the Friesian Show Pleasure Driving Open class, Friesian Show Pleasure Driving Open Championship, and Friesian Working Carriage Driving Single Reserve Champion at the FEA Black Diamond Jubilee in Maine!!

Two Championships at the CRAA/ Friesian Spring Derby


Congratulations to Asberry H. for winning the Friesian Pleasure Driving Turnout Single Championship and to Francisca W.W.F. for winning the Friesian Open Pleasure Driving Championship in Northampton, MA!

2012 USEF Region 1 & 2 Champion


Congratulations to our Asberry H for becoming the 2012 USEF Friesian Driving Champion for Region 1 and the 2012 USEF Friesian Specialty Champion for Region 2!!!

2012 USEF Region 6 Champion


Congratulations to our Electra TNF for becoming the 2012 USEF A/L Open English Pleasure Champion in Region 6!!!

Win at Mystic Valley Hunt Club!!


Asberry won the Open Pleasure Driving class and the OPen Pleasure Driving Championship at Mystic Valley Hunt Club! What a fantastic weekend for our girl!!!

New England keuring


We are please to announce that Asberry H made 2nd premie ster mare, Champion Mare, and Champion of the Day! She also scored a 74.5 on the driving IBOP test and won the Dream Gait Friesian IBOP Cup Driving Test at the Pepperell, MA site! She scored 3rd in the country for the IBOP Driving test.

We are also pleased to announce that all three of our foals ( Minstrel, Oubliette, and Melanie's Jewel) made 3rd premie!

Francisca W.W.F. - IBC Friesian Champion!


Francsica W.W.F. won the IBC Friesian Championship at the NEDA Fall Show in Saugraties, NY!

Casadora FT - IBC Andalusian Champion!


Casadora FT won the IBC Andalusian Championship at the NEDA Fall Show in Saugraties, NY!!!

ERAHC Breed Show Championships in Virginia


Congratulations to Casadora F.T. for placing 2nd in the Andalusian Mares 2 and Under and winning the Trail In Hand class!

Congratulations to Electra TNF for winning the Andalusian Senior Mare In Hand class, the Gold Medal Movement winner in the Senior Mare class, Dressage Suitability, and the Open Pleasure Hunt Seat class!

Baroque Horse Classic and Region 2 Championships in Hamburg, NY


Congratulations to our Electra TNF who won A/L Mares 5,6,& 7 years and A/L Reserve Grand Champion Mare at the Baroque Horse Classic! Electra also won the A/L Mare 5,6, & 7, A/L Senior Champion Mare, Reserve Grand Champion Mare, A/L Best Movement, A/L Dressage Suitabilty, A/L Sport Horse Mares All Ages, Reserve Champion Sport Horse, A/L English Pleasure Hunt Seat Champion, USEF English Pleasure Hunt Seat Open, AND USEF English Pleasure Hunt Seat Champion at the Region 2 Championships!!!

Congratulations to our Asberry H. for winning the Region 2 Reserve Champion Friesian Baroque Mares, USEF English Pleasure Driving Reserve Champion, Region 2 Friesian English Pleasure Hunt Seat - Walk/Trot Champion, and numerous top 5 placements!!!

Congratulations to our new gypsy yearling, Westmoreland's Tristan's Blue Filly, for winning Gypsy Showmanship and for placing 2nd in two Gypsy Mares All Age classes!!!

Win at NEFHC!


Congratulations to Westmoreland's Tristan's Blue Filly for winning Open Colts and Fillies In Hand and Reserve Champion Halter In Hand at the NEFHC Show in Topsfield, MA!

CRAA Spring Derby / IFSHA Friesian Region 1 Horse Show


Congratulations to Asberry on winning Region 1 Working Carriage Driving Single Championship!!!!!